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Since 2012

How much food is “real food” or “natural”  in your food?

What do Ultra processed foods offer to us? Taste, Flavour, Texture above all convenience but nutrition? Health?

Preservatives are anti-life!

They are like antibiotics. “Bios”, is the greek word for life, Antibiotics are anti-life!

Food to which preservatives have been added is anti-life, all of its life- giving elements gets destroyed. It is a dead food and hard to digest..

Becoming accustomed to convenience, processed food is easy for all of us. Once we start eating them, we quickly become addicted to their taste.

MAYURAM & CO was started in the year 2012 with the only vision of providing Simple, Nourishing, Soulful Food to the society. The real Natural Food which is not crafted and created in a laboratory, neither has any unwanted artificial chemical elements which is not suitable for human consumption.

Our Vision

To  provide Simple, Nourishing, Natural,  Soulful Foods with its nutrients intact.

Our Mission

To promote chemical-free and natural, positive foods.
To support and encourage regional small farmers and regional food culture.
To guide and support women entrepreneurship
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